Knowles Travelgoods - 130 years and still counting...

Posted on November 30 2014

Welcome to the refreshed - the online store of Knowles Travelgoods!

We have been busy-bees in the storeroom of our High Street Store in Worcester, working tirelessly to bring to you a new and improved, online shop! We have the majority of our ranges, along with our exclusive Bags and Accessories online and available for you now. 

In celebrating our 130 years this year, we felt we needed to further reflect our values online and with 6 generations of Knowles, what better way than rejuvenating our online store? 


Normal service...

The same principles still apply; we'll assist you in every aspect of your Bag choice, we will confirm Travel Bag sizes and restrictions before you head off on your exciting adventures and we will go above and beyond supporting you with your selections.


Our Family history is interwoven with quality products and exemplary customer service. In 1884, Albert John Knowles began the 'Bag Business' by equipping the Country Towns folk of Worcester, with the finest array of Saddles, Harnesses and complimentary Clothing. He nationally sought garment ranges to offer his long-standing local customers as well as the passers-through. (Read more here)


Although, we do not see many customers travelling on horse-back in our City; our commitment in searching, sourcing and stocking outstanding Bags, Accessories, Travelgoods and Business cases resonates even with our youngest generation. #FamilyValues #BagsandAccessories


We are thrilled to able to share our 130 years with you all - here's to the next 130!

 Lucy Knowles with her Father, Richard Knowles and Grandmother, Sheila


Knowles Family x

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